What States Allow Online Gambling

what states allow online gambling

Online gambling has quickly become a widespread form of entertainment and one that can be enjoyed by many US residents. Not every state permits it, though; some have stringent restrictions around where and when this activity can be practised. This article explores which states allow and provide for this activity.

Nevada was the first state to legalize online casino play, doing so in 2013. Since then, New Jersey and Delaware have followed suit by providing players with safe, regulated gambling venues.

Others states have been slow to catch on, yet have managed to pass legislation recently. Illinois, Indiana and New York all plan to legalize iGaming at some point in the future; nonetheless some states remain reluctant to legalize online casino gaming due to fears it will take business away from land-based casinos; this reluctance is understandable since some people enjoy experiencing casino ambiance while others prefer testing their luck at home.

Connecticut has legalized online sports betting but has yet to launch an actual casino. DraftKings and FanDuel currently operate their own casinos online within Connecticut for now; however, an official launch of an online casino in Connecticut should take place soon.

Michigan was another state that legalized online sports wagering and launched their site in 2021. Together with 888 Casino they provide an integrated sportsbook/casino site which also offers players land-based casino visits.

Pennsylvania became the latest state to introduce online casino gaming, following in the footsteps of other states in its vicinity. Citizens now have safe and regulated access to gambling from home!

Ohio is another state that allows its residents to gamble online – however only on certain games. This is thanks to Ohio’s gambling commission which regulates this industry, thus creating an even playing experience for its residents.

Massachusetts recently legalized sports betting and is planning on introducing an online casino shortly. Residents in Massachusetts can use BetMGM sites such as betmgmt to place bets.

Rhode Island became the latest state to legalize online casino gambling after seeing how successful its neighboring states had been with their attempts. Rhode Island’s iGaming market will launch officially by March 2024.

Some states, such as Hawaii, have outright banned online gambling; however, over 30 retail casinos can still be found throughout its borders for residents to visit if they so choose.

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