What States Allow Online Gambling in 2023

Online gambling has quickly become one of the hottest trends in gaming, and states have taken notice. Connecticut, Delaware, Michigan, Pennsylvania and West Virginia have legalized it; Rhode Island may follow shortly. New Jersey debuted their iGaming market back in 2013 with casino games, poker tournaments, sports betting and more being provided; this state’s success has served as an inspiration to other states seeking to follow suit.

States across the nation are striving to make iGaming happen by 2023, yet not all have equal potential. Some, like Indiana and New Hampshire, have been held back by political setbacks that prevent immediate launch; other states such as Maryland and Maine have gained momentum that may enable later this year launch.

Nevada is renowned as an online gambling hub that offers all forms of iGaming gambling. Nevada was also the first state to legalize sports betting; Arizona will soon follow suit and allow legalized sports betting as well. New York City is another huge market hoping to legalize iGaming soon and has made progress over recent years in that regard.

North Carolina may eventually open itself up to online gaming, though they’re waiting to see how sports betting goes first. Meanwhile, residents can enjoy visiting casinos and other forms of gambling as an interim measure.

Idaho gambling laws prohibit both online casino gaming and sports betting; however, Idaho residents can gamble at offshore betting sites; just be wary as such operations do not fall under U.S. regulatory oversight.

South Dakota does not offer many gambling options, with residents being limited to horse racing platforms and retail sports betting at Deadwood casinos. However, legislation has been proposed which could lead to online sports betting soon enough.

Alabama prohibits gambling in all forms, with online casinos and sports betting banned throughout its borders. There have been legislative proposals made public that could change this in 2023.

The table below highlights what each state has to offer when it comes to iGaming. Clicking on any state will reveal details regarding its legalization process and launch timeframe, available online casinos and sportsbooks as well as top casino and lottery apps in each state. We’ve included a timeline highlighting major events that have transpired within each state’s iGaming industry since its birth. The first section provides highlights, while the second provides more in-depth details regarding their iGaming laws. On the final page, this article includes a table that lists the different forms of iGaming available in each state, such as specific games available and minimum/maximum bet amounts available to players. The table makes online gambling simpler to understand quickly.

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